Humanity is one and indivisible
  an Embassy of the Creator of the worlds on Earth
Humanity is One and Indivisible

God throws a call to the men of the Word...


The evolutionary project assigned with humanity implies the free and voluntary participation of the man.

The Creator thus intervenes regularly to give instructions and recommendations on the good progress of our evolution.

Thora, Gospel, Koran make party of the Teaching of the Father.

The message which Jesus was to transmit was deteriorated by the centuries. God returns Jesus on Earth to complete his mission and to entrust to the Mikal prophet the integrity of his message: the Gospel given to Arès.

The Father also appears in Mikal and dictates him the Book in the language of the soul, language of direct communication with the Creator.

This new prophetic stage lets foresee a reorganization of our society: in fact, political structure or religious structure does not represent a solution with the human project. The Creator brings us the elements that will enable us to undo the existing systems which have shown their insufficiency and dangerosity, to be made germinate the spiritual intelligence which will re-shape our future.


"My Word is the Law  to come"

The alive man consists of a unit body-spirit-soul; this composite nature makes a being eternal and mortal of it; however, the state adamic - envisaged originally - frees from death.

The adamic evolution remains the evolutionary project for our species: it in particular implies to return to God his place in our society.


The following items have been developed to better understand the evolutionary impasse we are bogged down and how to prepare for the future:

 1- Heights

 2- New stage of evolution

 3- Hot heart, cool head

 4- The adamic evolution



Readers who want to learn about the progress of the ongoing project assigned to humanity will refer to the last updated by the Creator :




The Revelation of Arès is available on the Adira site.


It is also available free on line in its source language.


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