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Adamic stage
At the following stage, the veil is completely raised. The man communicates in full conscience with the Creator; his influence already growing on his environment becomes decisive.
At this stage of development, he becomes able to regenerate his biological body each thousand years.

XXXV19 Adam (then) goes (like) the tide (from) the hand to My Hand.
20 On his stubble the marrow bubbles, (as a) plant the leg (roots) again, the flame dons the skin.
V1 The foolish man counts the lifetimes, (whereas) man has (only) one lifetime.


Exploded representation of the state adamic

The soul made of invisible matter thus appears as the real body of man, since he can indefinitely create a natural body, the first biological body serving as a temporary scaffold for its edification.

172 …I gave man the beast’s flesh, entrails and bones as scaffolding
3  for his real body, as light as a pure smoke, that is not born of the mother’s womb, but (that is born) of the (way of) life of the man already born who begets himself into an infinite life.


Christ stage

The Christ state can be described like a consolidated and irreversible Adamic State. The man achieved his rise by putting his steps in the Creator's Steps, becoming One with the Father.
The man Jesus – our brother – reached this stage of evolution. He opened a new channel of manifestation and expression to the Father in the space-time, showing the way forward for all mankind.

211 I am The one Who spoke through Jesus …
12…The one whom I Myself anointed. The one whose taint I erased owing to his achievements (which he performed) to set his steps in My Steps, (and) to love My People …
13  in order that he would be cut off from all ancestry and brought into My Royal House, made a God, I merged him into Me irremediably
14  as silver alloys with gold so that he would have formed a mirror which might be more dazzling than a thousand suns if I had not been blowing My Breath over it to dim its brightness and make it endurable for the angels and the elect, …


Exploded representation of the Christ state


A bad comprehension of this demonstration led to confusions and drifts which must be corrected, because the spiritual ascension is also accompanied by research of truth.

321 Muhammad, My messenger who came before you, taught that Jesus is not God, (and) that those who believe it are impious.
2 My Hand anointed My Messenger’s lips; his teaching is true: man Jesus is not God: it is Christ that is God, it is I born of Jesus who was born of Mary.
3 A space longer than a sunshine stretches away from Jesus to Christ; he covered the infinite distance which separates the earth from Heaven because he set his steps in My Steps, he never strayed from My Steps, he was fired with My Love for man, his brother, and like a pure vapor he ascended to Me;
4 In one year, the time a wing flap lasts, he achieved that which takes centuries and centuries for the world to achieve for its salvation.
5 I merged him into Me; I made him a God; he became I.
Can any human intelligence, a dull candle end, understand that?


Jesus was resurrected: he can freely choose to get dressed with visible matter to appear at the time of missions entrusted by the Father, as at Ares.


We have just described the main stages of ascension, which has many degrees.
Let us recall that the ascension, if it represents a source of many benefits, does not bring any degree of superiority or domination on its similar. It is as a source of running water which is spread free to water which is thirsty.

It is wise to differentiate what awakens the spirit of man from what nourishes his soul: our civilization which emphasizes the spirit by ignoring the soul force-feeds the underworld that swarming with wandering specters.

XXII 18 The zealor (is) flat(ened)  in the grave, the nights roll (over him).

Humanity is one and indivisible: only solidarity and an unshakeable determination in the ascension will enable us to achieve the spiritual goal which assigned us the Father: to allow making switch this universe of its transitory state towards its permanent state, the come Day.

316 …this is why (I will see to it that) you and your harvesters will be assisted every day,
(and that) your blunted scythes will be sharpened; My Breath will bend the (wheat) ears before you;
Heaven’s Fire will burn the thorns; a legion of well-fitted-out angels will strike your enemies,
7 still you shall toil, your arms will be bruised with the blows dealt to you, (they will be) scratched by the thorns;
but heavy sheaves rich in good grain will pile up behind you, under their weight the floors of My Barns will creak and groan.
8 Then My Day will break.
I will gesture to the planet to stop (revolving) under your feet;
There will be no longer day or night, but My Light will cover everything continuously;


Any man or woman able to assimilate the Word already revealed to achieve It is generated itself in an infinite life.

The Father will later bring food adapted to the people in the inability to make the Word already given their spiritual meal.


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