Humanity is one and indivisible



Every man lives under God's Law, whether he is aware of it or not.

"Those who did not receive My Word, who are unaware of their sin, also those who lost faith and virtue because religion outraged them, will be forgiven, but those who received My Word, who are aware of their disobedience, are asked to convert to My Word (and) stop sinning." (R. Arès 30 :12)

This is the principle of repentance: man has the right to error insofar as he definitively corrects his behaviour as soon as he becomes aware of his fault.

"If they stop sinning, I stop recollecting their past, they enter upon penitence, they are men of the time to come." (R. Arès 30:13)

He is therefore part of the project of evolution - salvation - where the Father leads humanity.
This Law - The Word - The Creator reminds Her and updates Her every millennium according to our evolving needs:

Torah_Gospel_Koran_Revelation of Arès
(successive updates to The Word)

If, despite his ascent efforts, the penitent remains subject to death - let us remember that death is an anomaly in the human species - he will benefit from facilities that can reduce his nuisance in a favorable environment to his happiness in the expectation of God’s Day.

The stubborn unrepentant does not benefit from these protective measures and is fully subject to the condition that he has created in the hope of the Day.
"Without a soul the specter wanders tormented, blind, famished, through the dark galleries dug by worms and through freezing hell
which changes it into hoarfrost…"(R. Arès 4 :7)

Finally, the one who defies God, who proclaims his sin instead of repenting receives his salary as well:
He excludes himself from the life plan and falls into a bottomless fall.

Beyond these general guidelines, the Creator remains the only Judge of Salvation for all of us.


A testimony of salvation

The visit of Mary and Jesus brings us a testimony of the salvation offered to man.

I'm busy with my daily business. A straight "tunnel" suddenly opens between a distant point in the universe and where I am. Mary and Jesus pass through it in a split second and suddenly find themselves near me. Mary remains slightly out of Jesus.

Although their Presences are perfectly noticeable, they are not visible to biological eyes. Perplexed by this unusual phenomenon and not knowing how to interpret it, I decide to continue my activities while remaining attentive to it.

Mary then addressed Jesus; although her words were inaudible to my ears, I can easily guess their contents. "Do you think he knows we're here?"
Jesus then approached the contact and seemed to question my soul, which answered his greeting.
"Yes, he knows." He confirmed it by returning to Mary.

They looked at me side by side for a moment, then a tunnel opened again to a very remote destination and they crossed it again in a split second, still facing me. As soon as they had crossed it, the tunnel closed.

This visit illustrates the condition of salvation that the Father promises to man.
Our biological bodies are adapted to the Earth's environment. Salvation will give us bodies that are fit for life and for movement in the universe.

The "wormhole" theory could be illustrated here. The condition of the saved man allows him to open a shortcut between two distant points of the universe and to cross it instantly.


After these events, I wondered how it happened that I spontaneously recognized Mary and Jesus. It seemed to me that their Presence had a universally recognized "signature".


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