Humanity is one and indivisible

You know Who is speaking to you


The Man builds himself at the end of My Word!
Unfulfilled, the man dies!
There remains to him nothing any more but the hope of My Day
to conquer his Freedom!



Where he knew to preserve and transmit the integrity of My Word,
to take It for only Law, to nourish himself with It without any intermediary,
to organize himself narrowly around It,
to take as a starting point the Examples of achievement that I gave him,
the man knew to rise and approach the Eternal Life.
But when those who received My Word
believed to become free from My Word without achieving It,
masters followed who dug as many dry wells
to dominate them, to corrupt them and despoil them, they met perdition:
there, with the kingdom of the noise, the man drinks anything that slakes his thirst one moment.
There, of deaths deaths control!



My Word is alone with being able to save (the man)!
This is why I return you the Lively Water
so that you can revive your soul!



Humanity rose with the Word which I gave to Abraham.
It still rose with the Word which I gave to Moses.
It rose higher still with the Word than I put in the mouth of Jesus.
It rose more still with the Word given to Mouhamad.



But with the Word that I give today to Mikal,
Humanity will fly away, will become able to kill the evil,
and to even overcome death!


I put My Arm at the end of the arm of man who wants to rise and to save his soul!

The victory starts now:




Where are the heroes who want to leave the institutions
which mimic My Word, and which, of century in century,
ineluctably lead the man to the tomb?


With those who did not receive My Word, who are unaware of their sin,
with those who were scandalized in their faith also, it will be forgiven.
But from those who received My Word and who know their disobedience,
it is asked to convert with My Word, not to sin more.
If they do not sin any more, I will not remember any more theirs last,
They enter penitence:


they are men of the new era which starts,
where the man learns how to work consciously with Me,
hand in the Hand, to spread the Life!

The Man is much more than “a thinking reed”.
I gave him the possibility of becoming an upward Being,
to beget himself in an infinite life when He lives according to My Word!


I await from those who want to lead My People
that they return each one to My Teaching,
that they create dynamic and free conditions of the rise,
- specificity and absolute priority of the human condition -
in the Path which watch My Word,
consigned in the Book that I made refresh in Arès!


Put an end to divisions around My Word!
I give to the men only one Book!


I gave toil to the children of Adam
as a framework of achievement and salvation,
not to make oxen with the field of them!


Let them beware those who make abuse of richnesses !
They engage their responsibility in front of Me:
The Fire of Heaven will precipitate them in the abysses
where they will wander in the suffering!



The eagle does not have the Law of the rat!

To the one who leaves the sterile paths of History,
who listens to My Voice to find the Path of Life,
who love others like himself,
who rise and press his wings on the Wind of My Word,



I give for food what crawls on the ground,
to colonize the Heights where the civilization of the man did not arrive yet,
to become an Older brother of humanity.


In the name of GOD



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