Humanity is one and indivisible

You shall not mistake man's word for My Word


I await from those who want to lead My People
that they return each one to My Teaching,
because when My Breath ceases as the wind falls
letting fall in the sea the seed which it transported,
the desert remains deserted
and what remained there of life dies.



I await from those who want to guide My People
that they lead It on the Heights where the man,
become conscious of his full Right to live according to My Word
to receive the Blessings from It
does not sell food, the shelter, which is necessary to the human life
so that each one can be sufficiently devoted to its safety
and that of its similar.


I await from those who want to lead My People
that they change initially their life,
that they deposit sceptre and crown
to become until My Heights as the strength of the mule which carries the burden,
the luggage of those which choose to make the ascension
with them.


Princes of religion, who diverted My Assemblies to them and their priests,
changed My Assemblies into panting flocks
breathing in air to stave off hunger.



Should I stretch out My Hand towards the east
to call on the rugged steppes men
to come thundering from the horizon riding their branded horses so that
they might bring down just as My Waterspout did in Noah’s times,
the men who have misled My People
and who invorking My Name,
have built their opulence on My People’s moans,
so that they might shut the mouths that shout out lies,  blasphemies and nonsense,
so that they might chop the hands that have stolen the inheritance of My People?



Man, you shall keep to My Teaching
once given to My Witnesses in a Human Voice,
and also the Teaching given to Moses, to all prophets
in a Heavenly Voice,
seeing that What I have been delivering to you now does not obscure,
but clarifies My whole Teaching
from Adam‘s days until today.




You shall not mistake man’s word
for My Word,
you shall not mistake Paul’s, John’s, Peter’s and some others’ word
or the word of their descendants who forged crowns for them, with
which they crowned themselves for My Word.

Is there any creature
whose bones lie in the grave
In the hope of My Mercy,
worth praying to?
Apart from Mary, pregnant with the son, lifted as Elijah up to My Abode,
the woman sinner who also defied Me,
but who made herself undergo great pain
scraping the stains off her flesh,
extracting the doubts from her heart,
in order to be born again in purity,
that woman who had been weaker than anyone else,
apart from her, who joined the spirits that stand in front of My Throne,
who ranks among the golden luminaries,
no creature is to be prayed to.



Those who address her shall do so with sense,
well aware that she does not spread Life;
she spreads advice, comfort and strength.


Would the field snake glorify Me for My having created it free, given its
offspring a nest, glutted them with food,
and made it the equal of all the snakes of its species,
and would any men be still cursing at Me for My having let
them bend under the tyranny of the stranger, their brother, let them be
disinherited by the wealthy, their brothers,
and let them cheated by priests?


Let them soon meditate on My Word,
all them who set the price of the land,
the price of iron and fire, the price of prayer,
the laborer’s salary, the interest (rate) of money,
them who benefit from My Inheritance for them alone!
Let them soon meditate on My Word,
All them who make homless My People,
All them who give judgments as the dreams hide the night!
Let them pay heed to My Warning before it is too late!


In the name of GOD




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