Humanity is one and indivisible


The Ascent

The concept “spiritual Height” constitutes a powerful and essential tool to make a diagnosis, to establish an assessment on the evolution of an individual, a society, or even of a civilization.

The difficulty is that this concept is not truly perceptible with the human one.

Nevertheless, the Creator communicates these data with the soul in research of truth to progress, committed in the plan of evolution of humanity and which showed the absence of will of domination on its similar. The believer will have to refer to the Word.

No mystery: each one leaves in bottom and freely makes the rise, daily and at its rate, with for objective reaching with the more high level.

The true interest of this concept is about the spiritual therapy; to understand where and why one stopped in way also allows to consider how to take again the rise where one stopped…


Animation hereafter represents the large currents and layers deposited during our history as well as the prospects for evolution for the centuries to come.


The Ascent

We note that this spiritual concept, so complex, perceptible by the senses of the soul, accepts a simplified graphic which will enable us to support it of our intellect of man of this century.


Basic principle of the ascent


The modern man - since Adam - is not any more the primate which slowly evolved on Earth and which one finds fossilized remainders.

The aptitude for the ascent which the Creator conferred to him deeply transformed it and diversified its vital needs, made truly a new creature of it.

This modern man evolves and makes his ascent while assimilating as a nutriment the Word which the Father transmits to him.

Deprived from this food - or fed of substitute -, the man suffers from rickets and ends up perishing.

This process of growth which gradually induces an “immersion” of the life of the man in the Life Spread out over the universe induces the development of many capabilities, of which one major, consists of the control on biological death,  like a vessel launched towards the sky would do it and would escape the terrestrial attraction.

Any man or woman currently living on Earth profits from this upward potential.

Definite target: to reach the altitude of release.

Up to now, only a handle of individuals of exception reached that point, but of the more favorable collective conditions will be able to multiply these Examples.



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