Humanity is one and indivisible



The trap
Here is highlighted the structural spiritual trap in which our humanity is locked up:
IX 8 The Light (is caught) in the trap of man.

The religious or political dominations installed at various levels of the rise generate obstacles and vicious circles in which the man struggles without finding the Creator.
 X2 Call the nation, your brother (who) gleans. He does not find the Saint; his shovel digs about, (but) he does not find the Saint.
3 He kindles the heather, (but) his eye sees (only) the night.
4 (Man, even the brother, shouts,) « (In) ruin the Saint (lies)! ».The pup of man says, “Where is the Saint, the Wind?”
5 He tells true: (To) ruin the Saint (has gone). (To) pasture, (to) hunting ground, (to a) billy goat and (to a) dog man (has reduced the Saint).

Some take refuge in science - thought process -, whose progress in the space time is appreciable, but science completely helpless in this dimension,
38 5 Bind into sheaves and store (the harvest)! Guide and exhort (men) to the ascent! I have spoken in parables in order to strengthen your trust and leave Truth, plain and straightforward, within you, for the language of science is like darkness, but I am Light, it is like death, but I am Life.
23 8 Bring down the idols of the mind just as the wooden idols were brought down!

in the incapacity to apprehend the incidences of the evolution of the ha on the space time, as well in the individual plan
XXXV 19 Adame (then) goes (like) the tide (from) the hand to My Hand.
20 On his stubble the marrow bubbles, (as a) plant the leg (roots) again, the flame dons the skin.

as collective.
35 2 …to restore the time when the Tigris, the Pishon, the Gihon used to flow through My Gardens in Assur, (the rivers) which men will see among the stubble again once the Harvest is completed, when the harvesters lay down the scythes and bend over their banks to quench their thirst.

One could discourage oneself in front of such an assessment: it is however necessary to relativize and remember that many people destroyed themselves since Adam, destroying any hope of return.
L12 Other people, before them, had shouted with the lie:
people of Noah, men of the well, Thamoud,
13 the `AD, Pharaon, brothers of Loth,
14 men of al’Aïka, people of Tubba'.
All had treated the Prophets of liars. My threat was thus carried out.


Example of destroyed people

The very contrasted situation of our civilization marks a historical change where the Father sees a fertile compost to make flower the Garden of Eden again.
XXII 7 The brothers of Mikal turn round (and round) in My Eye; the cane at their wrist (is) the Light of My Eye.
8 The brother kisses My Lip (when he) kisses the lip of man, the lip (from which) the pus (or) the worm comes out (and) the lip (which) conceals the fishing-hook (alike); the brother kiss (them)
9 (because from) the manure the garden comes out.

In fact, our civilization - catch with the trap - is broken down of upward engine.
If political structure or religious structure does not represent a solution with the human project - to gain the victory over the hells and death -, we will have to reconsider our decision-making processes, we will have to release us from a four-dimensional mental operating process - adapted to the animality - for rebuilding a new civilization which integrates best the Word and the upward reference marks introduced by the Father.

Armed with this analysis, the strategy suggested by the Creator becomes completely understandable: to break the spiritual trap in which we let ourselves lock up, to take again our rise towards the Heights by opening our ear with its Word, to set up precautionary measures to reduce the risks of repetition.



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