Humanity is one and indivisible



1. 9. « … Every man, even the one who has not received My Word ever, in the midst of trees and wild beasts, in the midst of the cities built with science, even the one who rejected Me before he knew Me, knows Who I am when I am speaking to him,

10. for thousands of suns have risen over men since (the day of) My First Son, their father, but not so many so that men could not keep memories of Me through the power of the Breast that I have exhaled onto them,

11. for I am so close to them that they may not see Me, but they are moulded to Me as the tree that has grown against the wall of the Temple molds to the outline of its stones and curves along the arch of its porchway.

12. But the Temple is indestructible while the tree cannot survive off  the shelter of its walls. Should My Wrath be blowing through the porchway, the tree would wither away and fall down as in a storm!

2. 1.  I am the One Who spoke through Adam, My First Son, who chose to be master of the earth and pay tribute to Me for it by undergoing Job’s scores and the grave,

2. who chose to be master of trees and fruit, who overbearingly determined on the trees to be planted and those to be felled, the fruit to be gathered, those to be fed to his children, (and) those to be fed to his cattle,

3. Eve’s companion who chose to turn into Eve’s master forcing his ruts upon her, no longer sharing (with her) the joys which I had reserved for husband and wife, making Eve a continually pregnant camel in order to swell the numbers of his army and service force, (and) in order to recruit (people) for his kitchens and his adulteries,

4. who wanted to be master of iron which he forged in order to break the soil, his subject, open to grain and springs, in order to arm his warriors, in order to fell his trees, (and who wanted to be) master of gold, of sheep wool, of the dyes from rocks in order to adorn his loveliest wives, to set off their figures at which his eyes and lower entrails are overjoyed, in order to corrupt them and corrupt all of those from whom he derives benefit and joy, power and submissiveness,

5. who chose to be master of stones which he set up in order to shield himself, alive or dead, in his warm moving dampness as well as in the clothing of dry cold bones that he wanted (to have on when lying) in the hollow of the ground waiting for Me to come.

6.  I am the One who spoke through Azor,
    who made Me known beyond the huge sea, taking My Message for forty days as across a desert, enduring the trials of thirst, the agony of loneliness and (the fear) of the leviathan, (Azor) whose bones lie, as a son of Adam, at the foot of the high peaks, waiting for My Day to come.

7. I am the One who spoke through Noah, who, as a son of Adam, was laid in a grave at the Kerak before ever his sons listen to him; he had rescued them from My Anger, though, but they ended up drowned later.

8. I am the One who spoke through Abraham and Moses who did great achievements and left My Pledge to their descendants, and whose bones lie, as sons of Adam, the one(‘s bones) in the cave of Makpela, the other(‘s) at Rabba, waiting for My Day to come.

9. I am the One who spoke through Muhammad, the idolbreaker, the one among My Messengers whose words men have valued most, the wisest, who did not let his people be weighed down with rules and bow down to the edicts of princes of religion, and who for that reason had descendants as abundant as the sands of the shores where they strand their dhows at prayer times, and as the sands of the deserts from which I have made wealth and power gush for them, the son of Adam that lies in Yatrib waiting for My Day to come.

10. I am the One who spoke through Elijah,
    the first to elude his father Adam’s vow to wait for Me in a grave by giving up the legacy of the earth, giving up paying tribute to Me for it, (so that) he evaded the grave, he who to being the first by the splendour of the tomb which his people would build for him preferred being the last in My Place, a lowly worm warmed forever in the blaze of My Glory, a speck of dust carried by My Angels throughout My Place not bounded by any stars, which has no east or west, which is so white that beside It the suns look paler than moons.

11. I am the One who spoke through Jesus, My Second Son, the one who, following Elijah once glorified, renounced Adam’s vow to rule the earth and nations at the cost of a freezing tomb where he should wait for Me to come,

12. and who was even more glorified, the one whom I Myself anointed. The one whose taint I erased owing to his achievements (which he performed) to set his steps in My Steps, (and) to love My People, when I erased from Caesar’s registers his name and his mother’s name from the registers of the temple, in order that he would have no generation any more, in order that his mother would remain a girl (and) no betrothal would ever be kept registered,

13. in order that he would be cut off from all ancestry and brought into My Royal House, made a God, I merged him into Me irremediably

14. as silver alloys with gold
    so that he would have formed a mirror which might be more dazzling than a thousand suns if I had not been blowing My Breath over it to dim its brightness and make it endurable for the angels and the elect, My Breath Which I exhale to make Me visible.

15. I spoke through Jesus and I am still speaking through him to you today.

16. I have meant to speak through others many in numbers, but they have shirked; apprehensive they have been unable to forsake the world, differentiate themselves from it, stand on My Parvis to address the world in My Name,

17. for fear of incredulous men and mockers, princes of religion and their doctors, heads of nations and their justice, all manner of arguers;

18. or (on other occasions) they have failed to deliver My Word by hushing up whatever displeases the world. Then hardships have come over them and the world,

19. because, when My Breath vanishes just as the wind abates and drops into the sea the seed it was carrying (and) the rain it was driving along, the desert remains a desert, and the remnant of life in it is going to die.

3.1 «…I have not set up any princedom over My Assemblies.

2. The world has set it up, just as an invader establishes himself
    over the legacy of the nations conquered by his violence,
    who shuts their ears, eyes and mouths,
    so that they may no longer hear Me,
    so that they may no longer see Me,                                                                     
    and no longer talk to Me,

3. so that they may consider him as my manager,
    the invader skilful at putting his own words in My Mouth,
    at forcing nations to live as I do not want them to.                                                             

40.4 … But from time immemorial until My Day
      I am in the midst of all the men who gather in My Name
      in order to achieve My Word. »


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