Humanity is one and indivisible

« …Every man, even the one who has not received My Word ever, in the midst of trees and wild beasts, in the midst of the cities built with science, even the one who rejected Me before he knew Me, knows Who I am when I am speaking to him … »



Arrived at the threshold of the adulthood, I observed the humanity which generated me; I looked at his history, I weighed up the future that it proposed to me: I found no interest strictly there.

I thus took the opposed direction, which my conscience seemed to indicate:


It is there that I made this meeting


Summer 1980. I wander on a ground (Israel) in the search of…? Something of vital which I miss and I am unaware of nature; thirty years of terrestrial life (in Nice especially) in a world which seems to be satisfied with “the accessory” exhausted the life force in me…

It is this moment that X chooses to appear.

Who thus is this X?

All that I then to say some, which the men call “God” (I did not receive religious education) seems best to refer to this Presence of which I guess than It knows me better than myself, inspires confidence to me, makes me discover a share ignored up to that point of my being and universe.

The meeting, genuine life buoy, vivifies my spirit, heats my heart, and wakes up in me an intense curiosity.

But to meet God is not to know God, is not to understand God.

However his Voice left the area of my heart enables me to locate his very close Presence; more still, I now guess his influence everywhere, discover at which point He controls nature, appears there silently, and also communicates through it.

Since this meeting, I walk with Him of a new step, throwing a glance interiorized on any thing. I follow this Permanent Presence of which I know now that It guides me (that of which I was unconscious before), carries me when I do not have yet the force to be held upright, learns how to me to appreciate the life and what surrounds me, teaches me patiently, advises me (or asks me to act) in such delicate situation.

Time passes…

Of stage in stage, I understand that God awaits something of me, invites me to take part in his action.

To appreciate the life is not to conceal what must be called into question, is not to conceal the causes and the responsibilities which prevent or slow down the evolution of this world.

Each one of us knows well; it remains still much to make here below for the happiness of each one! But what to make? Where to draw the understanding and the forces to be really effective?

God answered me by proposing a true Action plan  to change this world with Him:

The Revelation of Arès


The detachment of the human choices which took place in me is certainly large since this event; however, I always felt interdependent of this humanity; far from me to divert some, I sought to play a fraternal and helpful part towards my brothers with the assistance of this new Light.

Gradually, I recreated myself to live with this Presence like a son with his father; gradually we worked out together means of better including ourselves and finally of acting together, hand in the Hand.

Today, there is no more other religion enters us only the love and the confidence which bind the members of the same family.



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