Humanity is one and indivisible





Here a few years at the time of my first steps in the way of God;
 I then coasted a couple of friends who appeared virtuous to me under all regards. This couple did not have children in spite of the desire to give birth to.
My still infantile faith naturally pushed me to address some prayers to the Father in this direction. A little annoyed answer which reached me at the end of a probably excessive number of prayers was:

“That is not your responsibility!”

 This answer left me perplexed: it seemed that the reasons of the Father escaped my human understanding.
We are there on the Creator's land who manages the evolution of our species and we are completely inefficient in this field.
Whereas to make?
That the consecrated husband and wife address God and rely on his Wisdom!
After all, it was answered favorably the prayer of Abraham and Sarah…


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